Workshops dedicated to film workers exceeded the expectations of the participants

Workshops for film workers were held in Banja Luka from February 9 to 11, organized by the Center for Development and Improvement of Cinematography of the Republic of Srpska. Within the workshops, six lecturers from the world of film tried to present the challenges of this profession and their skills and knowledge from the profession to their younger colleagues in the most interesting way. As part of this training, a master class was held by the famous Croatian actress Ksenija Marinković.


The screenwriting workshops were held by Vuk Ršumović and Boban Jevtić, the directing workshops by Srdan Golubović and Oleg Novković, and the production workshops by Jelena Mitrović and Sehad Čekić. Also, on the third day of Srdan’s lectures, the main actor of Golubović’s last production “Father”, Goran Bogdan, joined. The workshop was attended by a total of more than ninety participants, amateur and professional filmmakers.


The center is satisfied with the response to the workshops, but also with the overall impressions and positive reactions, both from the participants and the lecturers.

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