Officially opened exhibition of film posters “Traces of a Time”

The exhibition of film posters “Traces of a Time” (1945-1970) was officially opened on November 1 (Tuesday) in the Small Exhibition Hall of KC Banski dvor. Those present were addressed by Acting Director of the Audio-Visual Center of the Republic of Srpska Anja Ilić, Director of the Film Center of Serbia Gordan Matić and Minister of Education and Culture in the Government of the Republic of Srpska Natalija Trivić, who opened the exhibition.

After the exhibition, in the Concert Hall, there was a promotion of Slobodan Šijan’s book “Writers in the Cinema” with the presence of a famous director, and the conversation was moderated by Miroljub Stojanović, as well as a promotion of Sid Field’s book “Handbook for Screenwriters”, which was discussed by Monika Bilbija and Gordan Matić .

The exhibition “Traces of a Time” is open until November 16, 2022.

Photo author: Stefan Tomić

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